DKG Mission Statement            

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promote​s​ professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.    

The members are key women in education who make a difference in our community.

Champion Education

The International Site Delta Kappa Gamma 

North Carolina Site NC DKG   

 Carteret County Gamma Zeta

2024 Thursday Meetings at the CCC Smith Bldg, Room 



September 5th*, 4:30 pm

 GUESTS: US President of M.E.L.T. Heather White, Malawian President the Honorable Sam Chirwa, Teacher Masambiro Mhone, and Malawian publicist Matthew Ngunda *Date dependent upon Malawi Team's Visas 

November 14th, 4:30 pm 

PANEL DISCUSSION of Multi-Grade Level Educators on Mental Health in our Schools 

1st VP Dr. Tracy Mancini, Moderator

February 13th, 4:30 pm 

Award-Winning CCC Skills USA Team 

2nd VP Bena Weires, Coach and Teacher

May 22nd, 4:30 pm - Inductions and Scholarships - Chair Debra Stinson

New Member Orientation Video

Pride in the Big Picture

Orientation - Pride in the Big Picture - Webinar.mp4

What we did so far:

May 2024

~ Ceremony of Remembrance for Gail Barnes June 27, 1938 — November 21, 2023

~ Scholarship Presentation to Katlyn Lawrence

~ Quinquennial Awards

~ Induction or Re-dedication of Kathy Guzzo, Ann Hill, Janet Hassing, Catherine Tahaney,  and all new DKG Distinguished Women in Education Hostesses Abi Mason-Chair, Claudia Beamon, Bonnie Ferneau, June Merrill, Rosa Langston, and Tammy Schooley    


Feb 8, 2024

February 8, 2024, we had Carteret County Schools Assistant Superintendent Jody McClenny 

~ Ceremony of Remembrance for 

Unita Hayden OCTOBER 13, 1934 – NOVEMBER 6, 2023 

~ For Black History Month, we wore African attire ~ We raised funds for Schools for Africa Malawi Early Literacy Teamwork

NC DKG Convention Awards to Gamma Zeta - Golden Key to Alice Copes, Gamma Zeta Superior Chapter and Presidential Select Award, Gamma Zeta Communications Excellence. Gamma Zeta's President Dr. Cathy Tomon, Jenny Combs, and Jill King present seminar at state convention From Mortar and Brick to Online Leading: Using Games to Meet the Needs of the Online Learner. Click on photo to watch YouTube lesson on digital teaching and learning.


Meetings of 2022-2023 

May 11th, 2023 - Scholarships Meeting at  The Train Depot                                                                             Hostesses: Barbara Hill - Chair, Claudia Beamon, Lucy Bond, Alice Copes, Dora Edwards, and Rebecca Lail           

March 9th, 2023 - Educational Law and Policy - Jill King at Bridges School                             Hostesses: Bonnie Ferneau - Chair, Jenny Combs, Jill King, Dr. Tracy Mancini, Pat McElraft, Sherrill Moraven, Debra Stinson, and Dr. Cathy Tomon

DKG Beach Party July 15, 2022

See minutes from its Executive Meeting here

DKG Gamma Zeta Feb 10 2022 Mtg at Tiller School with Schools for Africa, Golden Key Alice Copes as Zoom speaker for Black History Month, and creation of school baskets for teachers.

DKG Gamma Zeta Nov 11, 2021 Mtg at Carteret Community
College Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center with

Dr. Tracy Mancini, President of CCC        and         Beth Winstead, NC DKG State President

click on adjacent image for complete album of this beautiful meeting

DKG Gamma Zeta Sept 9, 2021 Mtg at 1st United Methodist with Dr. Jackson 

Tribute to Betty Quinn

Rose Award to June Vann

Special Guest Dr. Rob Jackson, Carteret County School System Superintendent 

DKG Gamma Zeta April 8, 2021 Mtg at The History Place in Morehead City, NC   

Tribute to DKG Member Amelia Luther (1951-2020)

Quinquennial Honors to Bonnie Ferneau 50 years, Gail Barnes 35 years, Lucy Bond 20 years

Induction Honors to Karen Bosnovich, Dr. Anna Brooks, Jenny Combs, Jill King, Dr. Tracy Mancini.

Guest: Katie Statler, CCCS Board of Education

Rev. Curtis Oden and Missy Oden teach history and diversity for NCDKG Gamma Zeta's celebration of Black History Month 2021

Wear Red for Ed, your DKG pin, and your DKG mask at our meetings

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