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Scholarships for Teacher's Aides and Future Teachers

Gamma Zeta grants a scholarship every year to a graduating senior who intends to enter the teaching profession.  2023 recipient is Daisy Beck of East Carteret. The 2023 Teacher's Aide Scholarship recipient is Christie Seiler. 

The 2019-2020 recipient is Rebecca Bretzke of West Carteret High School. 2018-2019 double recipient is Maggie Guthrie of East Carteret High School. 2015’s recipient is Rachel Rose of East Carteret High School. 2011 for Rebecca Ann Armistead also of East Carteret. See more winners below.

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Scholarships Awards to Teachers' Aides studying for Teaching Certifications!

In May 2023, Gamma Zeta gives scholarship to Teacher's Aide Christie Seiler. On April 8, 2021: Gamma Zeta gives financial assistance to teacher assistants pursuing full teaching degrees,  Jessica O’Neal, Kimberly Michelle Ehrler, and Erin Stuart, $500 each 

Contact Debra Stinson for any issues with deadline

Scholarships for Local Graduating High School       Senior Future Teacher

Contact Debra Stinson for any issues with deadline

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Scholarships for Current Teachers  Click for DKG International site 

AND Scholarship for a DKG Teachers

Two NC DKG Scholarships are available this year. The Doctoral Scholarship will be available for $4000 and a Master’s Scholarship available for $1000. Check out the Eta State NC website under the Forms tab for the applications, checklist and reference form. 

The NC DKG Educational Foundation is awarding two $2500 Marilyn F. Gray Scholarship Grants this fall. These are awarded in the spring of 2022 from and endowment through Theta Chapter. Available for Music Education or Elementary Education. Must be enrolled in Baccalaureate, Master’s or Doctoral Education areas of education. website is due by November 20, 2022.

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The Educational Foundation has awarded over $3,155,742.00 to groups or individuals for projects to benefit children and education. Generous donations from DKG chapters, members and friends make these project grants possible. Any project leader may apply. (Applicants need not be members of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.)  A total of $99,702.91 in awards was funded to new and renewed projects in February. 

Applications for this award are due in January.

Scholarships for Current Teachers  Click below for DKG site:

National Board Certification - to promote networking/support for members who are candidates. We congratulate members who have achieved National Board Certification and hope you will continue to work with others as they go through the process.  If you would like to know more about this certification, please visit the following website: .

NC DKG State members, if you are or have been a National Board Certified Teacher, please check the following link and change or add any information about your status, so that a current, correct list can be maintained.

Chapters need to keep this list updated each year. If a member resigns or passes away, the Google doc needs to be updated. Thank you.

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Scholarships for Current Teachers  

NC DKG State Scholarship Click for original state link.

Cornetet Individual Awards for Professional Development (CIPD) are available to all employed educators who meet the stated criteria. The application process is competitive.

Awards (money) given to individual educators assists their participation in professional development opportunities through approved professional development providers such   as colleges, universities, and professional organizations other than The Delta Kappa  Gamma Society International. As of May 2019 over $788, 884  has been granted as Individual Professional Development Awards.

Awards will fund participation in:

Awards may fund travel, lodging, meals, pay for substitutes, registration fees, etc.                                                                         Awards may not be used to reimburse for activities already completed, to pursue a  degree program, or to fund an educational project.  

Donation Choices ~ Please consider making a bequest for members who has since passed or in honor of a fellow educator to any of the following:  

Educators Award Fund

Emergency Fund

Eunah Temple Holden

Golden Gift Fund

International Speakers Fund

Scholarship Fund

World Fellowship Fund

DKG Educational Foundation

or Gamma Zeta scholarship

Contact Bonnie Ferneau or Jasa Ellis to make your contribution.