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The Bulletin, the official publication of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, promotes professional and personal growth of members through publication of their writings.

Journal : Three online issues per year, subtitled International Journal for Professional Educators, focus on research-based and documented works—applied and data-based research, position papers, program descriptions, reviews of literature, and other articles on announced themes or other topics of interests to educators.

Magazine: Two print issues, subtitled Collegial Exchange, focus on articles based on practice and experience related to education, the Society, women, and children, as well as personal reflections and creative works. All five issues include book and technology reviews and letters to the editor. Submissions to the Bulletin, a refereed publication, are reviewed by the Editorial Board and the Society editorial staff.

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October Newsletter:

Mentoring New Members

“Doing Kind Deeds for Delta Kappa Gamma” (DKD for DKG) is the new 

slogan for supporting beginning teachers across North Carolina. This 

project invites Eta State chapters to establish specific plans their 

members will take to show support for our newest teachers. Chapter 

members will brainstorm ways to offer support to beginning teachers in 

their surrounding schools/districts. These ideas will be shared among all 

Eta State chapters on the BTS Committee Blog (to be developed in Oct. 



Once a chapter has mapped out their plan for the year, DKD for DKG 

will begin. The good deeds may range from 

• card or small tokens along with a note to say ‘thanks for choosing 

to be a teacher” (with DKG info. attached) 

• being invited to a chapter meeting’s Panel Discussion on “what is 

it like to be a beginning teacher at this point in time” 

• members hosting a “coffee and conversation time” and inviting 

beginning teachers to share their questions and receive 



The designated DKD for DKG member will need to write up a 

description of each “kind deed” or activity to be submitted for ten point 

each for the Chapter Achievement Award. Think of the points as the 

number of attempts your chapter has made towards retaining great 

teachers, thanking them for all of those thankless day in and day out responsibilities but also showing how an organization of key women 

educators supports those just starting out in this most important job.