How to Belong to DKG

"Together we are strong." --- Cathy Neagle, retired Carteret County School Board Member, past president of Carteret County Retired School Personnel and Region 7B President, and forever math teacher.

Won't You DKG with Me? - Gamma Zeta Member Julia Thorn's entry which is now part of the DKG International Gallery 2021

Invitation. Membership is for key professional women in education, active or retired or voluntary or collegiate who want to be a part of an honors Society of women who make a positive difference in education.  As of May 2019, over $730,757 has been granted to educators as Individual Professional Development Awards of Non-DKG members. As of 2020, $525,500 in emergency funds has gone to DKG members during disasters.

We're OUT of hiding now! Delta Kappa Gamma began as a secret organization of women teachers who were determined to change education so that justice and opportunity could become available to all regardless of gender or race. Courage and faith were the foundation because repercussions and prejudice could be the consequences if some discovered that "mere women" were going to change the world. For those who believe that principles of justice and equality are worth fighting for, DKG is a place where women become sisters in a just cause and where these women look after each other in the most meaningful way.

Contact a Lifeline to Sisterhood to see if you qualify to join DKG - Email Co President Bonnie Ferneau or Co President Julia Thorn. In the documents to the right, you will find                   

   1- New Member Application; 

    2 - Dues Form; 

    3 - Media Permission Slip; 

   4 - Biography Form; and

    4 - Invoice with breakdown of dues

DKG Membership Forms for web Oct 2023.pdf